Negative Word Finder :

Hello every one 

when we find negative word (example: "spatula" ) and My main Key word is "Blue silicon spatula" 

Can we add this negative word as "negative exact" list in ASC or negative phrase?

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  • Hello Basavaraj,

    Vatsan from Hyderabad here. 

    My understanding is that the negative word finder is to find those words that have nothing to do with your listing - you should be  very careful and remove only keywords that you don't want to be associated with.

    Eg: blue silicone spatula is your product. Negative word says: spatula, boxes, cat.

    You would only add boxes and cat. Because you still want to show up for spatula.


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  • Hey Vatsan,


    Yes I agree. Please be very selective in the words that you choose. I recommend going through each one to make sure. Most I have found, have nothing to do with my product



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  • I had loads of negatives that were to do with my products (in fact most of them were)-and so I entered them in the relevant campaigns as shown in the training.  My thought was that they were costing me a lot of money and so I should cut them out even though they were relevant.

    But it seems that now I'm not getting impressions for those campaigns and sales have dived. So should I reinstate those relevant keywords even though Entourage showed me they were bad?

    Thanks for any advice

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  • Hello Hilary H ,

    we can enter those relevant words as -Ve Exact but surely not -Ve phrase

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