How do I use the 'Negative Word Finder'?

In my first use of the Negative Word Finder, I see that the word 'for' is listed and has 85 unprofitable clicks. Since no one would type 'for' into a search by itself, I don't really know what to do with this information. 

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  • Hey Michael,


    Negative word finder is used for negative phrase match type. This means that if you put the word "for" as a negative phrase match, anytime someone types anything into the search field with the word "for" in it you will not get impressions for that search.

    Using the word "for" as a negative exact will have no effect because nobody is actually putting the word "for" into the search bar to look for anything ( I think lol). 


    Let me know if you have any questions 


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  • Hm. Ok, a better example then... the word 'diary' is also included in my negative word list. 

    Let's suppose that I am get clicks for 'journal diary' and 'diary for men' but only the 'journal diary' made a sale. Since 'diary for men' caused me to spend money but made no sale, would 'diary' still show up in your negative word finder?

    I want this list to be useful but I'm still not getting how to apply it unless (gasp) I take the time to compare these results with everything else in the tool.


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