The Difference between Keywords and Search Terms

We at PPC Entourage consider this Notebook article to be especially important and foundational because every Amazon seller MUST understand the difference between Keywords and Search Terms if they are to effectively use them in their PPC campaigns.


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So, what are the distinctions between Keywords and Search Terms?

Keywords and Search Terms...

A lot of people often are not clear about the difference between Keywords and Search terms. This confusion unfortunately may cause their PPC campaigns to underperform because they are not optimized for maximum visibility in the Amazon market place. That’s why it is so important that Amazon sellers understand the roles that Keywords and Search Terms in PPC campaigns.

Think of Keywords as the 'words' that you put into campaigns.

Let's say you go to Google and create a list of a 1,000 keywords and put them into a brand new campaign. Once you start your campaign, those words are now keywords. Keywords are placed in campaigns and generate search terms.

If you make them a Broad match campaign, it could show up with various other search terms. Search terms are words people use when they are shopping on Amazon.


The Difference between Keywords and Search Terms


Amazon may make a connection from a search term to your keyword if it's a Broad match. It may be a very unique connection...something that is completely different, but it may end up making a sell.

Let's say you have an Exact match campaign. That keyword is going to be the same as that search term. "Blue vase" is going to only match up with "Blue vase".

Now if you had a Phrase match campaign, and you put that keyword in as "blue vase", for a search term, it may show up as "bathroom blue vase" or "kitchen blue vase".

If it's Broad match, "blue vase" may match up with something completely different.


So, please keep in mind that the real difference between Keywords and Search Terms comes down to that...

Keywords are words that you have in your campaigns and Search Terms are the actual words used by Amazon customers.

Power PPC is going to help you to find the actual keywords and search terms used, that you may not have any idea are leading to a sell or sometimes multiple sells.

Then you will be able to turn them back into keywords and begin to create a system where you find these brand new long-tail keywords and search terms, helping you to gain more visibility on Amazon for your products.

If you have any additional questions about the difference between Keywords and Search Terms, please reach out to us at PPC Entourage, or to the Entourage Community.


How Elite Sellers Will Crush Their Competition in the New Amazon Landscape

Amazon is going through a paradigm shift in how its merchants can use information to profit. Sponsored Products advertising is going to drive keyword success and revenue. It is a program that allows sellers to promote their product listings on the Amazon search results page. These ads are based on keywords that match shoppers’ search queries.

The Elite Sellers will need new cutting-edge tools to meet the challenges posed by the shifting sands of the Amazon landscape in order to rise to the top of their niche...dominating and crushing their competition.

Ideally, Amazon Sellers will have access to a cost-effective resource...a PPC Entourage of tools that would significantly speed up this process. It would enable them to reduce ad spend, improve their sales velocity and allow more profits per click by quickly identifying the best keywords and phrases to be laser-targeted for use in present and future campaigns.

This information, (along with other core components necessary for maximizing ROI for each PPC dollar spent), would be delivered as weekly alerts and in easy to read monthly PPC performance analysis reports containing time-saving, scannable charts and graphs.

Using Power PPC to boost the results for every campaign will become a fast and virtually automated “paste and click” process. Amazon Sellers would have the most current information available at their fingertips... actionable intelligence to be leveraged in creating PPC campaigns that get noticed and that help to increase profits month-after-month.

We have very promising news though. PPC Entourage, a new tool being developed by successful Amazon sellers is about to make a splash in the PPC community and promises to help Amazon sellers cut needless ad spend, in as little as 10 minutes per week! 


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